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Welcome to the Year of the Monkey

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We love to read our horoscopes, whether we believe in them or not, but at this time of year we turn our attention to the Chinese zodiac. Monday, February 8 is the start of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey.

The anatomy of a great email newsletter

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Email marketing is an art and a science. A great email newsletter is more than just its design and visual appeal. It's about format, coding, sender details, subject lines, deliverability, testing, analytics…the list goes on.

Integrating social media into your marketing mix

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In my last two newsletters, I've talked about social media - how to decide which platforms to use and how to manage it all. But let's take a step back. Perhaps you haven't taken the social media plunge yet with your business. How do you determine when is the right time? And then how do you move forward?

The benefits of business blogging

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This month we welcome a guest post from Teresa Coppens, author of the blog In her post, Teresa talks about the benefits of blogging for your business.

The fundamentals of email marketing

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Permission will get you to the inbox, but it doesn't mean it will get you read. In his recent book, Email Marketing Rules (2nd Edition), Chad White outlines the best practice steps every marketer should follow for email marketing success.

How much should you invest in your website?

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One of the questions I’m often asked when talking with a prospect for the first time is how much a website will cost. It's an excellent question and when you're a business looking to get online, a very important one. After all, you need to know how much to budget.

When DIY becomes OMG

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Most (if not all) businesses today need a website, or at the very least benefit from having one. So it’s no surprise that do-it-yourself website builders are becoming more and more popular judging by the number of products on the market.

I'd love to connect with you, but...

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I'm all for connecting with people on LinkedIn. Afterall, that's what it's about, right? But just because I have a link to my LinkedIn profile on my website, doesn't mean I want to connect with absolutely anyone.

Seven common Internet terms you should know

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It's easy to get caught up in the jargon of our industry and forget that people who don't live and breathe it everyday like we do may get confused by it. The Internet has spawned a seemingly endless list of new terminology that's constantly growing. One thing I always try to be conscious of when I communicate with clients is to use plain language.

What is SEO and why should I care?

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Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the more complex marketing techniques available to drive people to your website. As a result, many small businesses either ignore it altogether or pay ridiculously high fees to have "SEO experts" do it for them. We try to simplify this complex topic into some quick tips to help improve your search engine rankings.

Are you ready for CASL?

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Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation comes into effect on July 1. If you're sending commercial electronic messages to your customers, there are a few things you need to know. Much has been made of this legislation which is intended to protect Canadians against spam. For the average legitimate email marketer however, it's pretty straightforward.

Is your website feeling a bit outdated?

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We recently redesigned our website. Why? It was only redesigned two years ago, but in that time a lot has changed. The biggest change was moving our headquarters from Sydney, Australia to Toronto, Canada. That however, isn't the reason for the new website design. Heck, a simple update to the Contact page would have sufficed.

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