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How to Attract the Right Leads to Your Business

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Good lead generation is about attracting the right potential customers to your business on a consistent and predictable basis. And the right leads are easier to convert so you spend less time chasing and more time selling.

What is Your Value Proposition?

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The most successful companies understand the power of focus, especially those in highly competitive markets. Most people, at some point in their life, will buy a car. So why don't car companies market to everyone? Because they’ve long understood that tastes differ.

Niching to Win in a Competitive Market

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A niche is a smaller slice of a bigger pie on which to focus your sales efforts. It does not mean less business or that you turn away other business that comes your way. It creates an vantage point for you to shine and increase profitability.

Welcome to the Year of the Monkey

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We love to read our horoscopes, whether we believe in them or not, but at this time of year we turn our attention to the Chinese zodiac. Monday, February 8 is the start of the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Monkey.

The Anatomy of a Great Email Newsletter

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Email marketing is an art and a science. A great email newsletter is more than just its design and visual appeal. It's about format, coding, sender details, subject lines, deliverability, testing, analytics…the list goes on.