Email Marketing

The Anatomy of a Great Email Newsletter

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Email marketing is an art and a science. A great email newsletter is more than just its design and visual appeal. It's about format, coding, sender details, subject lines, deliverability, testing, analytics…the list goes on.

The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

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Permission will get you to the inbox, but it doesn't mean it will get you read. In his recent book, Email Marketing Rules (2nd Edition), Chad White outlines the best practice steps every marketer should follow for email marketing success.

Are you ready for CASL?

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Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation comes into effect on July 1. If you're sending commercial electronic messages to your customers, there are a few things you need to know. Much has been made of this legislation which is intended to protect Canadians against spam. For the average legitimate email marketer however, it's pretty straightforward.