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How Much Should You Invest in Your Website?

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One of the questions I’m often asked when talking with a prospect for the first time is how much a website will cost. It's an excellent question and when you're a business looking to get online, a very important one. After all, you need to know how much to budget.

When DIY becomes OMG

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Most (if not all) businesses today need a website, or at the very least benefit from having one. So it’s no surprise that do-it-yourself website builders are becoming more and more popular judging by the number of products on the market.

Is Your Website Feeling a Bit Outdated?

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We recently redesigned our website. Why? It was only redesigned two years ago, but in that time a lot has changed. The biggest change was moving our headquarters from Sydney, Australia to Toronto, Canada. That however, isn't the reason for the new website design. Heck, a simple update to the Contact page would have sufficed.